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Taking care of Tripp

5 April 1988
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my name is lauren, i am 19 years old and new mom to a beautiful baby he is going to be 2 months on dec.27-07 hes the best gift i have ever been given but motherhood at 19 is hard and well i really have a select few in my life and i can only talk and tell each one of these special persons so many things i have my mom and dad who i live with and my baby does too. wow they have been so supportive throughout everything!! i love them and they are so good to me..specially my mom i pretty much can tell her anything and i pretty much tell her everything we have a special bond ..however sometimes i cant tell her all things she gets a bit nosey and well annoying and wants to know every detail of everything about my relationship with chuck who is so so so speacial to me pretty much everything its been over 2 years and very very hard we have more stress on our relationship then most people do our age ...a baby!!we deaf have been having our prblems and that may be some of my journal entrys completely...also leah my best friend since we were five she has a son also hes 6 months older then mine and what do ya know shes preggers again!!shes an awesome mom but we dont have much time for eachother we chat on the phone tho fairly reguraly and shes only 10 minutes away yea of course i have some more friends but we dont really hang out and do things ever since i found out i was pregnant my social life pretty much has been nonexisting..however i am very happy for the way things have turned out so far but my relationship with chuck is on the rocks and it seriously scares the shit out of me i hope this journal will help me to vent i have never kept up with things like these but i have never been home so much either so here it gooooesss I PLAN ON POSTING PICS OF MY BABY MAYBE EVEN ME OCCASIONALY SO YES